Watch WWE RAW 6/3/13

Watch WWE RAW 6/3/13 – June 3rd 2013 – 06/03/13


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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3



  • Mat Tom


    • theoneofall

      same but I wana see john cena vs ryback more im a john cena fan but still the cm punk vs chris jerrico mach is gona be epic im sure.

  • abby

    Can’t wait to see D-Bryan


    hope cena dies

    • Ross_Lad

      A bit far..

    • theoneofall

      sut your crap because I hope you die
      john cena is the best and cm punk is just a punk

      • abby


      • Alex Adams

        It’s still real to you dammit!

    • Onomatopoeia Optopolous


      don’t insult him in that way

      god have respect

      Hustle loyalty and respect that is

    • abby


    • OverratedHeelIndyWrestler


    • John Cena

      well,nice joke,even cena is laughing(1st photo)

      and actually cryptonite is needed to kill him,and in earth there isn’t any(2nd photo)

      and if u think cryback rules i will just tell u he eats shit like a baby(3rd photo)

      but as Ross_Lad said,it is a little too far,and he is even an army forces supporter,respect that at least(4th photo)

      well at his match against cryback(5th photo) at payback(6th photo) he is gonna kick cryback’s candy ass

      i am sure u think something like this for cena(7th photo) but as we all know cenation rules(8th photo)

      • Bildo06

        First off let me say as a former member of the “Armed Forces” not Army forces, That I do respect Cena as a man, but he can’t hang in the ring… He is totally this Generation’s Hulk Hogan… He is the face of the company and only has like 6 moves. I admit, Ryback isn’t much better, but people like Curtis Axel, CM Punk, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose really deserve to be Champ and will prove Cena to be the Chump that he is.

    • Sharup

      cena suck

    • Khalil Ahmed

      you just shut your mouth
      you idiot

  • beekee

    like for team HELL NO and UNDERTAKER
    ignore for the shield

    • Punk434

      Believe in the shield.

    • WwfFan

      You mean Brothers of destruction and Daniel bryan

      • maryse

        its team hell no and undertaker so uh this is a picture of me

    • kk

      yea brothers of destructions and dainel bryran

  • Omier Saeed


    • Punk434

      I’d like to see you compete in 10-15 min highly physical and dangerous matches daily, he needed time off so they worked it into a “Goodbye” story line.

    • abby

      u are obsess with cm punk?why don’t u apply to him as trainer or manager and replace that asshole Heyman?LOL


    How shameful defeat was given by Shield unity to Brother of destruction and Danial Brayan.
    All so called champion of RAW and Smackdown.

  • Punk434

    I know Undertaker is getting old, but i’d be great to see him back on Monday nights.

    • Taker1234

      bro were is taker ??? did he came back …. after that incident with the shield on smackdown ????

      • Punk434

        No, he’s been gone since.

  • fdgfdgdfg

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  • veikkaveikka


    • krish

      there’s still 2 more hours to go. time in the counter clock is set wrongly

      • veikkaveikka

        Noooo!!!! My country is Finland and it’s already one o’clock -.-

        • Duudeli

          Sama :P

        • krish

          the official time in USA is 20:00. still an hour and a half left

        • abby

          ok go to bed kid!

          • OverratedHeelIndyWrestler

            How do you know they’re a kid? Don’t be so rude.

          • veikkaveikka

            i’m 13 XD

          • OverratedHeelIndyWrestler

            LOL xP

          • veikkaveikka

            Watched it live :P


    When starts raw tonight???

  • raga

    where r the links?

  • theoneofall

    whats the best champion ship in wwe?
    I vote for wwe champion ship.
    every one please vote like me

    • raj

      It’s World heavyweight championship.

      U see evry where the ultimatum is heavy weight championship……..
      TNA Heavyweight C’ship……
      UFC Heavyweight C’ship……
      WWE Heavyweight C’ship……

  • theoneofall

    whats the best champion ship?
    I vote for wwe champion ship
    every one please vote.

    • theoneofall

      Im john cena fan

  • Yam Stuart Southall

    time for the sheild to be smashed

  • Yam Stuart Southall

    feed me raw feed me raw

  • onomatopeia

    WWE is my life

  • fdgfdgdfg

    raw free hd wrestling-passage. net

  • Coward isRyback

    what the **** ryback is doing, he is getting more coward than before, wwe management should not allowing such moment when both superstars fight in the ring, mc mahon idiot shold have to ban paul heyman and ryback or at least kick refree’s face

  • abby

    Alberto Del Rio and D-Bryan are impressive!

  • OverratedHeelIndyWrestler

    Another great match from the Shield. The marks can hate all they want, there’s no denying that the group puts on some great matches.

  • Drifter

    John Cina should retire he now has trouble beating his meat. One of the worst combacks I have seen in a long time. Unable tp take out the new commer Axel WOW

  • wwepontus

    Hate that Cole ALWAYS says: oh oh or oh my… Every time the Shield (that sucks) comes out..

  • The Rock

    I liked your Facebok Page, but the HD Links are still locked. Please Help!!!!

    • ProfessorCheese

      Refresh and make sure you’re logged in to your facebook account.

  • conor

    can’t Ryback just fuck off

  • Sunny

    Hey I’d like to find out if anyone else has this problem… Basically when I watch any of the videos from this site the video lags, I know its not my internet because I have fibre-optic, can anyone help me out?

  • Justin

    Sheild sucks get some balls and admit u lose and that’s what real people do unlike immature children

  • LL’Risque Ro

    love the Usos entrance theme :D

  • LL’Risque Ro

    AJ’s crazy like a fox sometimes lmao

  • LL’Risque Ro

    Is it me or Sheamus can be a rapper Lmfao

  • LL’Risque Ro

    Damien Sandow cheating on national tv hahaha not surprised

  • LL’Risque Ro

    a piece of pizza , a doughnut and an ice cream sandwich = Couple of Cm Punk’s tattoos haha CLASSIC !!! I think the Pepsi logo should be added to list, couldn’t be overlooked :D

  • LL’Risque Ro

    he just said mr walrus omg hahahahahahaha

  • LL’Risque Ro

    Heyman’s freaking repeating himself gaah

  • LL’Risque Ro

    They’re using Hollywood Undead’s Another way out for Payback? I should die happy <3

  • LL’Risque Ro

    Cena’s wearing my tshirt LOL

  • mayagail

    oooh je me sens tout nu

  • mayagail

    je me sens

  • Khalil Ahmed

    i love cena
    punk just sucks
    but cena is a great champ of all time

  • ali sooljar ali sooljar

    wooooooooooooooow good match bat cena soooo sad man

  • king

    we want rudos

  • marcus

    shield needs to go

  • ???????? ???????

    cana save wwe champ

  • Punkfan4life647

    Punk should have won and what’s going on with this triple h and randy orton thing